American Dental Group reports dental care is too expensive for older Americans

American Dental Group reports that a study performed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicated that the cost of going to the dentist for older Americans is too expensive. This is a serious problem since they aren’t able to get the preventative care needed to keep their mouths (and body) healthy. Oral health is important for their nutrition needs, socialization and self confidence, not to mention keeping their mouth out of pain.

People with no resources for dental care fall into advanced disease and neglect. The majority of people Community Dental Health sees have broken, missing and abscessed teeth with an average time of over 10 years since their last dental visit. This also supports that dental care can be too expensive for our low income population.

Community Dental Health (aka Senior Mobile Dental), a non-profit organization, is helping to address this problem. They provide affordable, low-cost dental care for low-income, uninsured and under-insured people of all ages. They receive funding support and grants to make dental care affordable. The costs vary depending on the patient’s income. They are proud to provide basic dental care (cleanings, exams, x-rays, fillings, extractions, dentures and partial dentures) with integrity'; they are NOT production based.

For more information on Community Dental Health’s program, give them a call at 719-310-3315 in Colorado Springs or 719-400-2320 in Pueblo.