Community Dental Health believes no person, including the elderly, should live their life in pain…

...that is controllable. Every day we see seniors and adults with advanced disease because they cannot afford or can't get to a dentist. Our program is a simple intervention by bringing professional dental care directly to this population, where they live or where they congregate. Oral health is essential to overall health, and interdisciplinary care is essential. Our Founder, Michelle Vacha, believes that "if older adults still have their teeth at this stage of their life, it shows they have invested and maintained a high importance in their oral health." So why should their standards of care change now? Did they lose their insurance, income or physical health? If so, they are faced with disease and neglect now.

Financial support ranges from LOW COSTS/financial support available to 50% off traditional dental office fees


The Important Work We Do

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1. For the frail/elderly

  • Accessible Care: We've built our program to provide regular, preventive care directly within nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

  • Timely Care: Many seniors receiving transportation to the dental office are left in the waiting room for hours before and after their appointments. It is our mission to be courteous of your time and effort in keeping your appointment.

  • Transfer: We understand it's difficult and uncomfortable to transfer into a dental chair, so we ensure that transportation/care facility provides a CNA to be on hand to assist with a wheelchair transfer.

  • Dementia or Alzheimer Disease: Dental offices have difficult times handling a person who is not as cooperative as the general public. It is much easier for us to come to you in surroundings that you are familiar with and your professional medical staff available to help and comfort you when needed.

It is our mission to be courteous of your time and effort in keeping your appointment.

2. Problems that low income, uninsured and Medicaid recipients have

The greatest complaint most consumers have is going to a dental office for help, and walking away with thousands of dollars quoted for needed care. Disheartened and overwhelmed with the cost many bury their heads and sink further into disease and neglect. We proudly provide much needed individualized care, focused on what is truly needed.

Challenges that our clients experience include:

  • Deciding between paying for medication, pay the electric bill or to get their teeth looked at.

  • Removing themselves socially due to embarrassment or painful teeth.

  • Inability to gain sufficient nutritional intake because they have no teeth to chew with or they couldn’t chew because of their broken or loose teeth.

  • Difficulty finding a job because of their broken, decayed teeth and the odors involved.

We proudly provide much needed individualized care and focus on what’s truly needed.

3. Epidemic causing medications

We are working with the top materials to help manage the rampant decay that is happening. The Surgeon General reported it as an epidemic in 2007. Our goal is to manage and ensure no one is in pain or infection. Did you know:

  • There are over 500 prescribed medications that affect people’s mouths.

  • Often these medications create xerostomia “dry mouth.”

  • These medications and the changes in their mouths is the main contributing factor of the increased decay rate, broken teeth and oral disease many adults face.

The Surgeon General reported it’s an epidemic in 2007.

4. Healthcare reform

Our country is faced with an epidemic that many people do not realize…high priced dental care. Across the country the news reports about our health care system, but it is a system that separates the head from the rest of the body.

  • Mental and Dental health have long endured the lack of support and coverage.

  • Recent epidemic of suicides, violence and mental health has received increased attention and support while dental health is still waiting for the attention that is crucial for the community.

Once the policy makers and public realize how much money is lost in healthcare with uncontrolled oral disease affecting people’s overall health, we will see changes. We see a significant amount of money lost in emergency room visits alone. We are continually working for support and attention to the importance oral health plays in our daily lives.

We are continually working for support and attention to the importance oral health plays in or daily lives.