Read a few stories of our impact in the personal lives of our patients.


A Granddaughter's Wedding

Our patient’s granddaughter was getting married, and she (her grandmother) was refusing to come to her wedding. She was so self-conscious of her broken down smile that she did not want to be a part of something so beautiful or have her picture taken with the bride. We were able to take care of her decayed and broken teeth, gave her a new denture and her beautiful smile back, all in time for the wedding. She was so thankful that she was able to attend her granddaughter's wedding and couldn’t wait to show us pictures of her smiling with the bride.


Returning Confidence

"Ms. Smith" is a beautiful woman...inside and out. You can see her beauty through the 78 years of her life. Back in the day, she was a model in California, but now she never left her apartment. Social Services in a rural county in Colorado found out about her when she would only accept food donations at her door and never came to meals. It was discovered that the fire that burned down her home a few years ago destroyed her dentures. She didn’t have any resources to have new dentures made. That is, until she was connected to our program. We gave her smile, health and social well being back. Ms. Smith is an active part of the community once again.


Caring for our Veterans

A common story from the many veterans we serve is that they are unable to receive dental care through the VA. During a time of illness when they were hospitalized or in active medical treatment through the VA, some were able to have their teeth extracted, but were never given any dentures. These veterans lived 2, 5, 10+ years without any teeth. Our veteran patient brought his family with him to his last appointment to receive his dentures. They were going out to lunch together for the first time in six years. When asked what food he will be ordering, he told us, "A B.L.T! I haven't been able to chew through those ingredients forever!" Sometimes the simplest things in life give the greatest joy.




Please join us in helping the many people whose frailty, pain, and impoverished life has left them in a state of disease and neglect and in desperate need of help for their mouth.

Thank you for partnering with us in serving our Seniors, Veterans, and others in need of dental care. Every day Community Dental Health strives to make a difference in the lives of people who need it most. We rely on support from people like you who care and understand that oral health care is essential for overall health care for sound mind, body, and spirit.

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