Providing more dental care in Pueblo!

Thanks to support from Colorado Health Foundation and NextFifty Initiative, Community Dental Health NPO has purchased their own building to further plant their roots as a sustainable, ethical resource for dental care to Pueblo and the surrounding areas.

They have been providing dental care in Pueblo since 2012. Not to be confused with Pueblo Community Health Services, the program at their new building, 2320 N. Grand Avenue, will be operating as “Grand Avenue Dental (& Health Center)".”

Their Ribbon Cutting Ceremony is September 27th from 4-7pm.

Grand Avenue Dental’s current plan is to help address the growing need for affordable dental care and collaborate with other health partners. There is a large “Medicaid gap” for low income people. Many are just above the required poverty level, yet cannot afford dental care or dental insurance; many people find themselves in advanced stages of oral disease and neglect because of this. Another population that is in need of affordable dental care is our military veterans, who are unable to receive dental care through the VA.

Grand Avenue Dental is proud to be helping the Pueblo community by giving our people the health and confidence to become active participants in society and restore their overall health.