Medicare dental coverage?

Over half of seniors are unaware that Medicare, alone, does not cover dental care. Yet, oral health care is essential to people’s overall healthcare. If people neglect taking care of their teeth, they are in jeopardy of becoming ill and contracting diseases like diabetes.

Michelle Vacha founded Senior Mobile Dental in 2006 to help address dental care needs to seniors who resided in nursing homes, where their dental health was being neglected. This was somewhat due to the fact that Medicare does not include dental benefits. Since then, her non-profit organization has grown to include two dental clinics; one in Colorado Springs open 5 days/week and one in Pueblo that is currently open 3 days/week. With this growth, it became evident that she had to change the name to Community Dental Health to reflect the services her non-profit is providing today.

Picture and data obtained from Oral Health America.

Michelle Vacha