Michelle Vacha, finalist for the Colorado Institute for Social Impacts Prism Awards

The Colorado Institute for Social Impact (CI4SI) PRISM Awards honors exemplary social entrepreneurs and businesses in our community that simultaneously grow our economy while creating impact. Community Dental Health was honored to have our very own Executive Director, Michelle Vacha, as a finalist for this award.

This year the PRISM Awards was be held at the Garden of the Gods Visitor & Nature Center, a Social Impact Organization itself. For the past 23 years, the Visitor & Nature Center has hosted over 15.7 million visitors and donated over $3.8 million back to the Garden of the Gods Park. The Visitor Center is the #1 visited attraction in the Pikes Peak region and the Park was voted the #1 Park in the nation making the perfect backdrop for this year’s special event theme, featuring: Outdoor Recreation Social Impact Businesses.

Information credited to Colorado Institute for Social Impact, PRISM Awards, website.

Michelle Vacha