Did You Know?

Community Dental Health offers affordable dental care!


On average getting a filling at your local dentist office can cost $132.72˕for one surface, with composite resin (white filling). For a multi surface filling the price can be, on average, anywhere between $185.61 to $312.16˕ depending on the tooth location and number of surfaces. These prices can prove difficult for the low-income families with no dental insurance. Quality dental should not be limited to those who can afford private practice fees.

 Community Dental Health offers low-income families the break they need to continue their dental care. Unlike other dentists who charge by the surface of the tooth, we offer as simple charge per tooth no matter how big the cavity. At Community Dental Health, we utilize a number of resources to reduce the fees by 50% or more.

We have been providing Colorado Springs with affordable, happy and healthy smiles for over 10 years. We would love to have you in our office.  Call in today to hear about our services!



˕ The average dental prices on this page were estimated from data gathered by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, by the American Dental Association and by ACCRA (American Chamber of Commerce Research Association).