Basic Dental Care in Nursing Homes

We utilize state-of-the-art dental equipment to bring our services into the facilities. We set up in a private room, and work with the social services directors and nursing staff to provide in-house/on-site care. Our prime focus is preventive care to ensure there is no pain or infection affecting the quality of life. Our denture technician and Prosthedontist are available to provide in-house denture care.

Community Dental Health believes no elderly person should live a life in pain that is controllable. Every day, we see seniors in advanced disease or neglect because they cannot afford dental care or get to a dentist. Our program is a simple intervention.

Community Dental Health actively works with assisted living and skilled nursing facilities along with other long-term care centers to provide professional dental hygiene services to their residents. Many of these individuals have lost the dexterity to brush their own teeth and are dependent upon others to perform this and other routine dental tasks, such as flossing. However, the reality is that these people often have decayed, broken teeth and gum disease.

Preventive oral care can improve systematic health and decrease the burdens placed on the health care system caused by related medical complications such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and pneumonia. Increased frequency of professional care helps monitor and control the decay process that can be caused by poor oral hygiene, diet, and medications. Our goal is to work with you to keep our seniors as healthy and as comfortable as possible in their twilight years.